Putting in the Time

Putting in the Time

  • Bethany Weigl
  • 03/10/19

Magic happens in the quiet mornings at 4 AM. Day after day, I slide my baby over to Dad and slink out of bed to put in the time, to grind it out, to accomplish my mission, to review my goals, and check off the plan to achievement. No one sees the work that goes on here, no one hears the prayers, watches the studying, notices the efforts, the marketing, the reading, the research but it happens.

This is the space in time where inception, implementation, and ideas begin. The point where a tiny drop gains a minute space within a crack seeps through, and begins to swell my husband may not be watching, my son may not know, my sister may never notice, but I know. I realize that the repetition of excellence happens day after day. Here is where life changes, here is where it begins.

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